• Big Sky Song - UKTI Trade Mission to Poland
  • Big Sky Song - UKTI Trade Mission to India
  • Rio Tinto - corporate film score
  • ABB - corporate film score
  • I Love You - Short Film - Sound design and ADR
  • Rolex Awards - three corporate films - score
  • Short film score for Japanese production company - release and detailed info in 2015
  • Four songs for German fashion brand sOliver (Autumn collection online and retail)
  • Journey to Le Mans PoseterJourney to Le Mans - score by Phil Mountford, signed to Big Sky Song Music Publishing
  • Autch - short film (Germany)
  • Deth Enemy Unmovable Cover Deth Enemy - Unmovable - Album production completed
  • Wurm online Battle & Adventure - release December 2014


Andrew Roachford - The Beautiful Moment - Album Production. Get it on iTunes.

Shell - corporate film.

Saving Nemo - environmental documentary.

Cuban Fury - Trailer - sound design.

Seefeldt - German singer songwriter - Wenn der Regen kommt. Watch on YouTube

Bollinger Champagne - Corporate Film.

Plexiphones - new EP production.

Ruff as Stone - debut EP.

Blue Zoo - Unplugged live radio session

ShenDo Institut Einbeck - corporate film.

Lucia - corporate (Sweden)

BBC World News -Talking Business with Linda Yueh - Idents.

Deth Enemy - Debut EP : Light Beyond the Grave. Release date 17/6/13. Brand new Australian melodic hard rock band - album production. Get it on iTunes.

Wurm online - Meditation & Work album production. Release date 17/6/13. Commission to compose seven tracks for the popular online game. Buy it on iTunes.

Next Big Thing - score for a short film to maintain excitement about London following the 2012 Olympic Games.

Hope - Score for Liverpool Theatre Production.

Blue Zoo - 80s UK chart toppers reform and recruit Tom as guitarist. First shows in the UK and the Philippines in February.

s.Oliver Fashion Brand - music for promo videoclips.

Here's a chance to catch up with what Tom's been doing over the last few years.

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